Why Hire An Event Planner





Q. Seriously – Just the rich and famous hire an event planner – right? A. Event planners are for everyone and should not be viewed as a luxury. My assistance is for you, one who recognizes your intent is to host a wonderful event, whether personal or corporate. But, you realize, with work, family and all the other activities you’re involved with your time is limited. Q. Can I afford an event planner? A. You can’t afford not to hire an event planner. Emotionally spending too much money…

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Plan a Surprise Party: Event Planners Help You Look Like a Rockstar

Score major points by planning the ultimate surprise party for that special someone by partnering up with Kathy Hopp. A birthday party, anniversary, milestone accomplishment or any other special occasion – everything is an event … but it’s really a mind-blowing event for that special someone when it’s a surprise! Party planning can be daunting: finding the location, creating an invite list, deciding a menu,  — the list goes on. And on top of that, you have to keep it a secret from your wife or girlfriend?!…

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Event Planners Save the Day, Even Mid-Planning

Lost in the middle? An event planner can run to the rescue, smoothing out the chaos even after you’ve begun the planning process. The wedding is less than two months away. You thought you had everything under control, but with missing RSVPs, a change in menu offerings through your caterer and a lack of finalized centerpiece design — you’re feeling a little lost. Ok, a LOT lost. You start wishing you had extra help, wondering whether anyone in the family is capable of pulling this off,…
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... because everything is an event!

No two events are alike. Let my expertise guide you through the planning process for an event you and your guests will never forget.


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