Plan a Surprise Party: Event Planners Help You Look Like a Rockstar

Plan a Surprise Party: Event Planners Help You Look Like a Rockstar

Score major points by planning the ultimate surprise party for that special someone by partnering up with Kathy Hopp.

Shh_surprise_partyA birthday party, anniversary, milestone accomplishment or any other special occasion – everything is an event … but it’s really a mind-blowing event for that special someone when it’s a surprise!

Party planning can be daunting: finding the location, creating an invite list, deciding a menu,  — the list goes on. And on top of that, you have to keep it a secret from your wife or girlfriend?!

That’s what I’m here for! No matter how far into the planning stages you are — whether just starting out or even half-way through planning — I can help guide you through all the details and get you to that monumental moment when she says, “HOW did you do all this?! It’s amazing!” (Check out my services page for more specific information about the ways I can help!)

So, just how do we pull a surprise party off? Here are some of the key points we’ll consider:

  • Time, date, place: If this surprise party is for a special occasion, you probably already have a specific date in mind. The next step is figuring out whether you’ll host the party at home or look for a location elsewhere, and then determine whether that venue is available.
  • Plan the diversion: The honoree of the party needs somewhere to be day of so you can prep. We’ll come up with a crafty way to distract her, including a clever backstory, to avoid any suspicion of the surprise to come.
  • You’re invited: To have a party, we’ll obviously need to invite some people. Let’s decide on the number of people you can host, and figure out the important people to make sure everyone you want to be there gets invited.
  • Design and decorations: Whether the party has a theme, such as a beach party. or we just settle on some favorite colors, maybe pink and gold, I can help make this design come to life. This includes creating the invitations, deciding flowers and other decorations for the event.
  • Food and drink: At the heart of every successful party is a delicious menu. I can help you decide on appetizers, main courses, beverages and the like — and help you find someone to provide these items if you don’t plan on playing chef for the party.
  • Think outside the box: One of my favorite surprise birthday parties was at the home of the honoree, held on a Saturday at 9 in the morning: Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, European Bakery — huge success … so unexpected!

As an added bonus, with my help, you now have an outside source who can help you keep this thing a secret — whether it be finding a way to hide decorations or taking RSVP phone calls so your wife or girlfriend isn’t wondering why you’re fielding so many secretive calls.

To get started planning your girlfriend or wife a surprise party, contact me today so we can set up a meeting and decide how we best fit together. I look forward to making your shindig an event everyone will remember, but especially your special someone.


... because everything is an event!

No two events are alike. Let my expertise guide you through the planning process for an event you and your guests will never forget.


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